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The Talora/Tekota freshwater trolling system by Shimano is the very best rod/reel combination for downrigger, dipsy diver, planer board, wire line and lead core fishing. The combination of a Talora Rod and a Tekota Reel gives me a system that is easy-to-use, durable and extremely effective in pursuit of Lake Erie Walleye and Steelhead.
Gamakatsu hooks are the best out there. Sharp and strong is what I need. I have literally thousands of baits and the last thing I need to be doing is replacing hooks constantly. With Gamakatsu I do not have this problem.
Paul Powis
In an average season I clean a ton of fish. Rapala knives are just the ticket with several sizes and shapes. They make a knife for cleaning all game fish. I am partial to the Pro Series with rubber handles with blade guard. Also wearing a normark glove is a valuable tool for avoiding mishaps with knives.
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Steiner Optics brings the technology and toughness of their military and marine series binoculars designed for hunters, boaters and fishermen, the Steiner® 10x50 Military/Marine is a great choice for every boater and angler. I always have steiner binoculars available for site fishing and for safety for checking on other boaters.
paul powis
I use the HELIX 12 Humminbird with side imaging, just the ticket for finding and marking bait balls on large bodies of water like lake Erie. Hummingbird sonar has taken angling to the leading edge. Precise radar and Intuitive navigation goes beyond state-of-the-art fishfinder. Providing safe trips and abundance of Big Fish!
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You wouln't believe how many of pounds of fish and meat that makes it to my Bradley smoker in a year. I am a huge fan of BBQ and any time that I have a nice cut of meat or filet of fish it gets SMOKED . I also smoke, ribs, whole chicken, and pork . Bradley is known world wide for the quality of their products.
Paul Powis
I spend an average of 12-14 hours a day on the water. God gave me one pair of eyes. The last thing I want is to fry them in the blazing sun, compound that with the reflection off the water, you're just looking for trouble. The optics of the Maui Jim with the polarizing, I can see the fish in the water with no glare. These are BY FAR the BEST glasses I have ever owned!
Paul Powis Fishing
I have used Cannon Downriggers for over Twenty year's fast, quiet, dependable and the new dual axis rod holders are awesome I can switch from a board rod to a dipsy without any tools AWESOME.
Paul Powis
Tangleless nets mean more time fishing and less time untangling hooks in net mesh. Strong handles allow me to net several fish at a time.
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Offshore tackle is the industry leader of trolling technology. I use offshore in line boards for Lead Core and bottom bouncing harnesses. I also like the OR-3 and OR-4 release clips for the large boards and the riggers.
Paul Powis
Their Cannon Balls are chrome. I believe fish are attracted to it. Also, these Cannon Balls track straight avoiding tangles. Oh ya, they look good too.
Paul Powis Charter Fishing
UnderArmour clothing keeps me cool in the hot sun with built in SPF and stain resistant material technology that makes it easy to wash out stains and fish blood. Check out their website to select from a large variety of material technologies that will meet the needs of your activity.
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Silver Streaks Spoons and blades .In the copper silver and gold backs In a multitude of colours are a quality product that has always proven a are a sure bet when fishing Erie Walleyes & Steelhead.
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Dipsy Divers, Jet Dives, Diamond Kings, Hot Lips, Power Dives, just to name a few. These ae all key components on my boat for catching fish.
Paul Powis fishing
Icom VHF radios are simply the best. I use my radio for weather updates and safety information as well as keeping in touch with my friends on the water.
Paul Powis
Yeti coolers keep ICE longer than any other cooler out there. Have a look at their website to see a multitude of coolers to choose from that will meet the needs of all boaters and anglers
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Power pro I use 30 lb stretch in multiple Colours.
Paul Powis Fishing
I use Sufix mono and fluorocarbon leader material for my down rigging and board rods.