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Capt. Paul Powis & Dave Mercer

Capt. Paul Powis the great lakes trolling specialist fishing guide catches a "MULE" of a Walleye on lake Erie during the taping of Dave Mercer's TV show THE FACTS OF FISHING. Dave's lure of choice on this day was the Live Target Smelt. Throughout the video both Dave and Paul give the viewers many tips on how to boat one of these monsters during a bumpy ride on the water. As Paul puts it "A trophy fish, once in a life time walleye".

Paul Powis - How to Fillet Fish - Lateral Line with Pin Bone Removal - Freshwater

Captain Paul Powis of J&P Fishing Charters and Guide Service demonstrates the two standard filleting techniques and walks you through the steps while filleting walleye and perch. One of the most popular segments of the video is Paul demonstrating how to remove the lateral line and pin bones which improves the flavor leaving two boneless fillets. Paul also demonstrates the techniques for filleting with an electric knife.

Paul Powis - Choosing the right knife for filleting fish

Captain Paul Powis of J&P Fishing Charters and Guide Service explains the choice of a proper fillet knife along with many tips of maintaining your knife. Paul's reccommendation is using a Fillet knife from RAPALA. Paul is considered an expert is this field as cleans fish almost daily during his guiding season.

Captain Paul Powis & JP DeRose

This World Fishing Network video shows Paul Powis as guest during the filming of JP Derose's TV Show "Breaking Boundaries" The concept of the show is JP DeRose having his guest angler step out of their comfort zone and having them try another type of fishing that they may not be as comfortable with. The episode has Paul a trolling expert try his hand at bass fishing. Again lots of valuable viewer tips as each compare notes.

Captain Paul Powis on WFN's Pro Talk

A very popular segment that the World Fishing Network offers their viewers. In this segment Captain Paul Powis talks about the basics of trolling and the best gear to start out with. The information is short and sweet but gives the viewer some great tips to add to their knowledge base or may help encourage others to try this type of trolling.